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WAVE app - Service Providers

The Wave Marine Group is proud to introduce the WAVE PROVIDERS app - a market place for service providers and boat owners to meet, book and facilitate marine service work. As a service provider, the app enables you to become your own boss and grow your business by receiving job requests directly from the boat owners. Accept job requests that fits your schedule and needs and eliminate scheduling conflicts with our built-in calendar functionality. WAVE PROVIDERS was designed with the goal of assisting vendors to grow their network and business in one-click!

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Menu Bar

The Main Menu Bar is located at the bottom of your screen:


  • My Jobs - Jobs you have already accepted or jobs in progress

  • Calendar -  where you can see all your accepted and future scheduled jobs.

  • Briefcase - where you will see all new job requests.

  • Wallet - accumulated earnings and withdraw money functions.

  • Profile - where you can update your info and track your earnings.